When clients want to take projects seriously, it’s usually late for Themes, all the modifications and configurations had been done on the original Theme.

And that seems fair, until the theme outdates and its plugin templates and other Theme parts start to malfunction.

Unfortunately, not all Themes provide a way to set up ALL this modifications and configurations made into a Child Theme, not even this plugin we guess…

But you know, No rest for the wicked! So count on us when it comes to Appearance, that tedious task of configuring the WordPress options live of your Theme.

Thats why we just released the Mercenary Parent Theme Modifications Automatic Importer plugin, so you can Import your Parent Theme modifications into your Child Theme quick and easy!

No settings

Just activate the plugin. Then activate the Child Theme. Ok, it’s done!


Please consider to give us your five if you found it useful! 😊

Mercenary Theme Modifications Automatic Importer

You can now deactivate/uninstall the plugin and get the job done!

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